Man arrested for snatch theft after being spotted by helpful passer-by

SINGAPORE - A 32-year old man was arrested for snatch theft in Bishan, after he was identified by a passer-by who identified the culprit.

The passer-by, an 18-year-old youth, heard the 40-year-old woman victim shouting for help at 9.45pm on June 30. He gave chase and managed to catch hold of the suspect and retrieve the woman's wallet, but the thief broke loose and fled before police were called.

The young man then accompanied the victim to a nearby Neighbourhood Police Post to lodge a police report. While there, he spotted the suspct and alertd the officer on duty.

The suspect was then arrested by the officer.

The suspect will be charged in the State Courts on 2 June 2014 for snatch theft.

He can be jailed for up to 7 years and may be liable to caning.