Man arrested for trespass tries to bribe 4 policemen

From left to right: Sgt Muhammad Ramzi Bin Ramlan, Sgt Yeo Xin Le Gordon, SSgt Muhammad Taufiq Bin Rosli and Sgt Muhammad Qayyum Bin Ramli.

SINGAPORE - A 22-year-old man who allegedly tried to bribe four police officers has been arrested. The suspect was detained by the police officers when he first committed an offence of trespassing a factory in Ang Mo Kio.

When police officers arrived at the factory, the suspect was uncooperative, shouting and gesticulating with his hands. Despite several warnings, the suspect remained uncooperative and was thus arrest.

While the suspect was being guided into the police car, he offered all his money to the 4 officers at scene if they were to let him go.

The police officers rejected the bribe and took the suspect back to Ang Mo Kio Police Divisional Headquarters.

The four officers have been identified as Staff Sergeant Muhammad Taufiq, Sergeant Gordon Yeo, Sergeant Muhammad Qayyum and Sergeant Ramzi of Ang Mo Kio South Neighbourhood Police Centre.

If convicted of trespassing, the suspect faces imprisonment of up to 3 months and a fine of up to $3,000, or both.

The Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau (CPIB) is also investigating the alleged attempt to bribe the police officers.