Man charged with slapping wife cries in court

KUALA LUMPUR - A dispatch boy, charged in the magistrate's court with slapping his wife, broke down crying in the dock when asked to explain his actions.

Muhammad Ishaq Krishnan, 28, pleaded guilty to slapping his wife, Nisaalina Abdul Rashid Veloo, 29, while in their car.

The offence occurred while the couple were parked at their home, the Sri Kelantan Flats on Jalan Sentul Pasar at 8.30pm on March 3.

According to the statement of facts, Muhammad Ishaq lost his tempter when his wife asked him to find another job, and started slapping her face and hitting her behind the head.

Deputy public prosecutor Noor Jazilah Mohd Yushaa urged the court to hand down an appropriate sentence.

When it came time for Muhammad Ishaq to explain himself in mitigation, he started crying instead.

He plead for a lower sentenced, saying he had to care for his child and made only RM1,000 (S$375) a month.

It was learnt that Muhammad Ishaq was not the sole breadwinner, as his wife Nisaalina worked as a marketing administrator.

Magistrate Saifulakmal Said sentenced Muhammad Ishaq to three weeks prison.