Man cheats on wife with 80-year-old woman

A 68-year-old woman in Singapore thought that her husband was being romantic when he gave her a bouquet of roses after she was discharged from hospital for a heart ailment, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Little did she know that he had been feeling guilty about cheating on her with an 80-year-old neighbour.

Quoting a report in Shin Min Daily News, the woman, known only as Bai, said she had been to the hospital several times lately due to heart problems.

"Every time I came back from the hospital, my husband would change the bed sheets and sometimes even give me roses. I thought he wanted to treat me nice since he was getting older," she said of her 75-year-old husband.

Bai only found out about the affair when her neighbour told her that an 80-year-old woman living nearby had been staying overnight each time she was in hospital.

Although her husband denied the affair after she confronted him, Bai said he had told their daughter living in Malaysia about it.

She said although her children had forgiven their father, she could not do so.