Man claims medicine contaminated urine sample with meth

The Magistrates' Court yesterday dismissed a man's claim that his medication had caused his urine sample to be contaminated by methamphetamine.

Mohammad Rizal Hj Zamhari was fined BND$2,500 (S$2499.85) fine after he was found guilty of consuming the drugs.

The defendant had claimed that the medication he was prescribed with, Zantac Ranitidine, had caused the increase of the cutoff value level of 32,000 ng/ml by 500 ng/ml.

He told the court he ahd been receiving treatment at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital for high blood pressure, asthma and gastric. One of the medicines prescribed to him was Zantac Ranitidine before he underwent the urine test.

Mohammad Rizal further denied consuming syabu and having being given syabu from his friend.

In her verdict yesterday, the presiding magistrate Hjh Ervy Sufitriana Hj Abd Rahman said the defendant was an unreliable witness and gave inconsistent evidence.

The defendant claimed he was prescribed Zantac on October 1, 2010. but his medical card stated October 24, 2012.

While the Department of Scientific Services witness said it was possible for amphetamine to be present in the medication, it was not possible to have traces of methamphetamine in the defendant's urine sample.

Mohammad Rizal was ordered to pay the fines within four months or face five months in jail.