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Man confronts Jurong durian sellers, slaps one, challenges another to a fight

Man confronts Jurong durian sellers, slaps one, challenges another to a fight
A man was upset over durian sellers shouting 'offer' and decided to confront them about it, getting physical.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Steven Tan

With the durian season in full swing, it is not uncommon to hear vendors shouting "offer offer" when you visit your local stall - but it seems not everyone is too happy about it.

One man in Jurong East was seemingly so upset by durian sellers yelling those words that he confronted them.

The incident was captured in two videos uploaded to Facebook group Complaint Singapore by user Steven Tan on Monday (July 8). "Don't anyhow say offer," said the post.

In the clips, each a minute long, a man can be seen sauntering over to a durian stall, shouting "offer". Going up to the people manning the stall, he angrily demands to know who had shouted "offer". 

The sellers calmly replied that none of them did.

The man continues to scream at them in Hokkien, before another man smoking a cigarette whispers something in his ear with a smile.

The man, still agitated, pushes the other man aside, telling him to "scram" in Mandarin.

He then confronts one of the sellers, jabbing his finger in his face as he complains about them shouting "offer".

At one point, the man punches a nearby pillar, adding that he's part of a gang. Then he goes on to slap the durian seller across the face.

A woman, who appears to also be working at the durian stall and has been observing at the side, screams at the man to stop. In response, the man confronts the woman, challenging her to a fight, and they get into a shouting match.

The man who is smoking steps in to break up the pair, while the man who was slapped whips out his phone to make a call. Then the video ends.

Many netizens were confused as to why the man had found fault with the durian sellers.

"Why cannot shout 'offer'?" a Facebook user asked.

"He slapped the durian seller just because he was promoting his durians at an 'offer' price," another said. "Nowadays Singapore still have such lawless people?"

AsiaOne has reached out to Tan for more information.

4 arrested: Police

Responding to queries from AsiaOne, the police said that they were notified of an incident at Block 252 Jurong East Street 24 at around 4.35pm.

Three men, aged between 18 and 54 and a 36-year-old woman were arrested for public nuisance.

No injuries were reported and investigations are ongoing.

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