Man creates scene outside State Courts

SMASHED: The man, who looked to be in his 30s, being helped by his companion.

He could barely take five steps without losing his balance.

And when an elderly man and a woman, who were accompanying him, tried to steady him, the man shouted vulgarities at them.

The incident happened yesterday at about 11.10am outside the State Courts at Havelock Road.

The ruckus began the moment the bald man, who looked to be in his 30s, and the pair stepped out of a taxi.

After refusing help from the duo, the man tried to walk on his own, but fell face down.

The pair helped him to his feet, and sat him near the smoking area outside the State Courts.

It was unclear what they said to him.


The man then shouted in Tamil at the duo, who looked frustrated.

Eyes half-open, the man then swung his hands at them. His antics drew the attention of several passers-by.

When they stopped to look at him, he became aggressive.

He also attempted to walk by himself several times, but fell twice into the bushes at the side of the State Courts building.

At about 11.40am, the man, flanked and supported by the couple, walked towards the State Courts entrance.

But the trio were immediately stopped by security guards manning the security screening post.

The officers were overheard asking the man, "Who's your court officer... Which court?"

While trying to keep his balance, the man knocked his head against the door frame of the metal detector.

It was not known if he had an appointment in one of the courtrooms.

He was also overheard telling the officers in slurred speech, "I think I want to go home and sleep."

It is not clear what happened to the man after he was stopped by the officers.

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