Man detained after canines maul three while on the loose

In pain: Rukimah and Hoosni (right) recuperating at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital after the dog attack.

SEREMBAN, Malaysia - Police have arrested the owner of two dogs which mauled three people in Lenggeng.

Nilai OCPD Supt Abdullah Roning said the owner, in his 50s, was being investigated under Section 289 of the Penal Code.

The section covers negligence with respect to animals and provides a jail term of up to six months or a fine of up to RM2,000 (S$770).

The man was arrested when he went to the Lenggeng police station to lodge a report over the incident.

The dogs had attacked an Indonesian maid outside her employer's home on Wednesday after she had come back from buying nasi lemak at a nearby stall. The maid, Rukimah Juandi, 50, suffered a torn scalp and broken arm during the attack.

Stall owner Hoosni Anwar Hamid, 44, honked his car horn, frightening the dogs away but the canines later returned and attacked him as he walked back to his stall. He was bitten on the mouth and limbs.

A policeman from Lenggeng station, who was passing by, tried to stop the attack but was bitten on the ankle.

Lans Kpl Mohd Naser Sulaiman then rushed to the station, returned with a shotgun and shot the dogs dead.

It is understood that the dogs were usually kept on a chilli farm by their owner who has about 10 canines to guard the property.

State Veterinary Department director Dr Azman Shah Abd Manap said a check of department records showed that all the dogs on the farm had not been vaccinated.

This, he said, made them susceptible to illnesses such as rabies.

Several men, who identified themselves as Nilai Municipal Council contractors, removed the remaining dogs from the farm to the District Veterinary Department yesterday. No one else was at the farm when the dogs were taken away.

Rukimah, who is scheduled to undergo skin grafting for her head injury, bore no ill feeling towards the owner of the dogs.

She felt the owner should have been more careful with the animals because they were big and fierce.

The maid, who is being warded at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital and is a mother of three and from Java, said she intended to continue working for her employer.

Her employer, who wanted to remain anonymous, said Rukimah loves animals.

"There were many occasions when she would use a hose to fill up the water container for the dogs.

"We have no idea why the dogs attacked her," she said.