Man dupes son's wife with sex cure claim

Man dupes son's wife with sex cure claim

KUALA LIPIS - A septuagenarian duped his daughter-in-law into having sex with him for eight months by claiming that it will cure a "mystery illness" that she had.

The 24-year-old woman's nightmare began after she married the suspect's son in September last year.

The 71-year-old suspect had approached her at their house in Merapoh, near here, claiming that that he could treat her "mystery illness" by licking her feet.

However, the victim objected to the offer.

Sources revealed that a week later, the suspect approached the victim again and tried to coax her into having sex with him.

He claimed that it was part of the traditional treatment that he had been practising.

A source said: "The victim was reluctant to follow her father-in law's instructions.

"But, she agreed when he told her that a relative had received similar treatment.

"Thinking that her father-in-law was genuine in helping her, the victim consented and they had sex up until May."

However, the victim soon realised that she had been duped and refused to meet the suspect's demands.

The suspect then began peeping on the victim when the latter was in the bathroom and tried approaching her when they were alone.

The victim lodged a police report on Thursday after the suspect threatened to beat her if she did not comply with his demands.

It is learnt that the suspect has gone into hiding after finding out that police were after him.

District police chief Superintendent Abdul Razak Hassan confirmed the report and said police were tracking down the suspect.

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