Man with genitals exposed walks into oncoming traffic near State Courts

SINGAPORE - A man dressed only in a red t-shirt was seen standing dangerously in the middle of a busy road near Chinatown.

A video of the incident was uploaded by Facebook user Shashi Kumar Shashimi on Jan 8.

Police confirmed that a 50-year-old man was arrested at Upper Cross Street yesterday around 10.30am for the offence of appearing nude in a public place.

The video shows the man walking with his genitals exposed near the State Courts.

In the video, the man can be seen disrupting the work of construction workers by pulling and holding onto a hose they were using.

After holding onto the hose for less than a minute, he walked into oncoming traffic and stood in the middle of the road. He appeared angry and can be seen shouting and gesturing at people across the road and at the vehicles coming toward him.

The man then walks across the road and started to kowtow in front of a sign post at the taxi stand outside OG People's Park mall.

He then gets up and continues to shout before getting into a taxi that was waiting for passengers. Within a few seconds, two policemen appeared at the scene and pulled him out of the taxi while he continued to shout.

Although he seemed aggressive, police managed to subdue him and covered him up with a neon yellow jacket. By this time, a large crowd had gathered to see what the commotion was about.

From the video, it seems that the officers tried to get the man to walk with them but he was uncooperative and chose to sit on the floor instead.

Investigations are ongoing.