Man gets hit by killer litter thrown down Eunos Crescent block

SINGAPORE - There is a serial litterbug on the loose in Eunos Crescent.

A man was hit on the hand by a brick that was hurled down a housing block there on Friday afternoon.

A witness told citizen jounalism website Stomp that she herself and her two young children were nearly hit by a large cardboard roll that was thrown down the block some time back.

She told Stomp: "I would like to bring up to your attention about the estate that we are living in.

"We lived in Block 1 Eunos Crescent and for the past two days, people living in the unit above my family have been throwing red brick down the block as you can see from the pictures.

"This first happened at about 12pm on Dec 12, when a brick was thrown down from above and cause the tree branches to break.

"It also nearly hit a couple with three kids.

"The police were called in.

"However, at about 1pm the next day (Dec 13), another brick was thrown down the block, and it hit a guy.

"Luckily the brick hit only his hand. If he were to walk faster by one step, it could have hit his head.

"The police were called in again.

"In fact, a few months ago, my two young kids, aged one and two, and I were nearly hit by a large cardboard roll that was thrown down the block, missing us only by an inch.

"That aside, there is bound to be rubbish -- flower pots, bicycles, buckets, scissors, beer bottles -- thrown down everyday.

"If there is still no action taken to stop these litterbugs, the items that are thrown down will bound to injure someone, or even kill them.

"We are now afraid of walking on the pavement for fear that the killer litter will hit us."

The photos were edited by the Stomp contributor:

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