Man hurls vulgarities at woman after he allegedly insults Singaporeans

A man and a woman got into a heated argument on a bus after the man allegedly went on a tirade and insulted Singaporeans.

A Stomp contributor, who recorded a video of the incident, said the man had been saying bad things about Singaporeans at the bus stop, and continued to do so after boarding the bus.

A female commuter, who was unable to tolerate his behaviour, argued with him and told him to stop doing so.

However, the man responded by hurling vulgarities at the woman and called her 'stupid' on several occasions.

The woman told the man to get off the bus if he was unhappy with Singaporeans but he refused to do so and told the woman to complain to the bus captain.

Another woman, believed to be the man's mother, can be heard telling the man not to blow the issue out of proportion.

In the video, she can be heard saying "later go police station" and " you were just at the police station".

The female commuter who was arguing with the man can be heard yelling at the top of her voice at the end of the video.

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