Man jailed for dangling wife out of window

Man jailed for dangling wife out of window

Her husband pushed her halfway out of the kitchen window of their 11th-storey flat - all because she had told him that Singapore was not like Shanghai, to quell his anger at a cabby who declined to pick up the couple who are originally from China.

Even then, Madam Zhu Hua, 45, who took out a personal protection order after the incident early last year, Thursday pleaded for a lenient sentence for her husband Jin Qilong, after the 50-year-old admitted hurting her and committing a rash act that could have endangered her life.

She told the court that Jin - who received a jail term of two months - was a changed man now and they had been getting along well for the past 1-1/2 years.

Jin, a construction supervisor, also apologised to his wife in court and said he wanted to become a good father and husband.

The incident, on Jan 24 last year, was sparked by a cabby's refusal to drive him, his wife and their 20-year-old daughter to their Tiong Bahru flat at around 9pm as the driver had somewhere else to go.

Jin, a permanent resident here, became more agitated after his wife, who is a citizen here, tried to explain that Singapore was unlike Shanghai.

He accused her of taking the other man's side, and alleged that she was having an affair with the cabby.

After taking the bus home, he started drinking and kept repeating that she was sleeping with the cabby.

When she denied this, he slapped her in the face and threatened to burn her hair with a lighter that he was holding.

He then went into the bedroom. But when he saw her standing at the kitchen window minutes later, he sneaked up behind her and lifted her by her ankles.

She grabbed the bamboo poles outside the window and warned that he would be held accountable if she fell. That was when he pulled her in.

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