Man jailed for hitting pregnant wife with hockey stick

SINGAPORE - Suspecting that his wife was cheating on him after finding a strange pair of shoes at home, a cleaner hit her three times with a hockey stick.

What Mohamad Jumahad Abdul did not know was that the shoes belonged to his wife's godbrother, a secondary school student.

He also did not realise that his wife was then one month pregnant.

Fortunately, housewife Hasnah Johari, 25, suffered only a 4cm cut on her head and bruising on her waist and leg.

She was seen crying when Mohamad Jumahad was sentenced to three months in jail on Wednesday for injuring her with a weapon on March 27.

The couple, whose first child is due early October, had reconciled after the attack.

The court heard how he had moved out of their home in Tiong Bahru on March 22 after disagreements with his wife.

Five days later, he returned at 9.30pm. She was not home, and he found a bag and a pair of men's shoes in the flat.

Deciding to confront her, the cleaner, who used to play hockey in his school days, picked up his hockey stick.

She returned 15 minutes later with her godbrother, but he left when ordered to do so by Mohamad Jumahad.

The couple quarrelled and he hit her with the hockey stick. The blows landed on her calf, head and waist. When he ran away, she called the police.

She told The Straits Times that the bag and shoes that sparked off the dispute belonged to her godbrother.

Mohamad Jumahad, who could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined and caned, pleaded guilty last week.