Man keeps trying to woo girl, even after she cruelly rejects him

Man keeps trying to woo girl, even after she cruelly rejects him

Sometimes, the person you love doesn't always feel the same, not even after you send them countless WhatsApp messages or leave them with numerous missed calls.

That was exactly what one guy did to one Stomp contributor's friend.

The contributor shared several screenshots showing her friend's conversation with a man who was being very persistent in his efforts to win her affections - and failing miserably.

The Stomp contributor wrote: "They have only met up once, and this guy apparently spam texted her, forcing her to accept him as her boyfriend.

"My friend texted him countless times saying that a relationship would be impossible. But he's so stubborn and he won't listen.

"After that, she got really irritated and blocked him on WhatsApp. She deleted his contact as well. You know, if a person doesn't reply you on WhatsApp, it most probably means that you have been blocked.

"In the end, he left 15 missed-calls to my friend. If I was her, I would have really scolded him and given him a piece of my mind."

The Stomp contributor, who hopes that the guy will stop bothering her friend, also asked: "Are all guys that desperate or is it just him?"

The amusing conversation between the duo shows the girl giving the guy several reasons why they are not compatible, and why she does not feel the same as he does.

Despite being rejected, he does not falter in his determination, and continues saying that he is willing to change for her.

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