Man nabbed after grabbing prized pooch

SELANGOR - The pure-bred maltese named Princess was imported from Taiwan three years ago and is believed to have appeared on the cover of China's famous pet magazine, Pet, in 2010.

Its owner, Ms Fu Hui Yan, even claimed she was once offered RM20,000 (S$7,800) for the dog, but she did not want to sell.

On Wednesday, her dog was caught in a bizarre drama in the pet shop run by her husband in Klang, Selangor, The Star reported.

At about 7.30pm that day, a man walked into the pet shop, store employee Ang Yi Ching, 19, said. She said he seemed to be of unsound mind as he was talking to himself.

He bought some dog food and left the store but returned a while later, asking to replace the dog food with a larger bag, China Press reported.

Ms Ang said she became suspicious because most people who patronised store are regulars.

She told The Star: "I was scared so I went to the back of the store to inform my boss, who was grooming another dog."

She said her boss, Mr Huang Wei Wang, took less than five seconds to come to the front of the shop.

But by then, the man had grabbed the dog and taken off on his motorcycle.

Mr Huang ran out of the store and gave chase on foot while shouting for help.


His shouts attracted the attention of people nearby who managed to detain the robber 200m from his shop.

Mr Huang called the police, who took the suspect to the Klang South police station.

This is the first incident of dog theft that has occurred in the seven years of the store's operation, a report said.

Miss Ang said a maltese puppy would not cost less than RM2,000. An adult dog's weight ranges from 2kg to 5kg.

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