Man runs down woman after spat

HIT: Ms Lee Seok Pheng died of her injuries.

Row over rubbish causes man to ram car into neighbour

She saw her neighbour dumping rubbish nearby and told him not to do so.

Ms Lee Seok Pheng, 47, was with her husband, 57, when she spotted the neighbour at 1am yesterday.

The 53-year-old man apparently became enraged after the couple accused him of throwing rubbish near their house, reported The Star.


The neighbour, who was in his car at the time, then allegedly tried to mow them down at the carpark of an apartment block in Georgetown, Penang.

Ms Lee fell and was run over, while her husband managed to evade the car.

She died from her injuries at Penang Hospital at 1.17am, the New Straits Times reported.

"Due to the misunderstanding, the suspect tried to ram his Proton Wira into them," Malaysian Insider quoted Timur Laut district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mior Faridalathrash Wahid as saying.

"Ms Lee went behind the car and hit the boot. The suspect then backed the vehicle, pushing her backwards.

"After that, she went to the side of the car and scolded the suspect. The suspect reversed his car again, which put the couple in front of the vehicle.

"Then the suspect rammed into them. Ms Lee fell and was dragged under the car. Her husband was not hit."

Mr Mior added that the suspect tried to flee on foot, but was chased and overpowered by neighbours who witnessed the incident. "He was cornered and surrendered to police," he said.

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