Man slits throat of Guangdong store clerk who caught him stealing

A female store clerk at a Walmart supermarket outlet in Zhanjiang, in China's Guangdong province was murdered after she tried to stop a man from stealing.

She spotted the shoplifter stealing some food items and went forward to confront him in the incident on Jun 11.

While trying to run away, the man grabbed a knife from a shelf and slit the store clerk's throat, NetEase reported.

Medical staff arrived shortly after, and the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The supermarket was closed after the incident.

According to Mail Online, the 27-year-old woman, surnamed Lin, was a mother of one and was about to be married next month.

The killer, whose face and appearance was captured on security footage, was subsequently found and arrested at a nearby village. Local police also found the knife used in the murder, reported Shanghaiist.