Man survives wife's murder plot but friend dies

Photo: Shutterstock

In a strange twist of fate, a man who was the target in a murder plot by his wife and her lover survived but his friend died instead, reported Malaysia Nanban.

The wife Thenmozhi, 24 and her lover Pradeep, 31, had intended to kill Murali, 26, a tractor driver in Nakkalpatti village of Krishagiri district in Tamil Nadu by giving him poison-laced liquor.

According to police, Pradeep asked Murali out for a drink at a government-run liquor outlet in town on Tuesday.

After their drinking session, Pradeep gave Murali a bottle of liquor for him to consume at home.

On the way home, Murali met his friend Jagir Alir at a farm and shared the liquor with him. Since he had already drank a lot in town, Murali only took a small quantity of the liquor while the rest was consumed by Jagir.

Soon after, Murali and Jagir started vomiting and fell unconscious. Both were rushed to hospital where Murali was admitted to the intensive care unit while Jagir was pronounced dead on arrival.

In the meantime, the drunken Pradeep confessed to his wife about the plot. The wife informed police.

Both Pradeep and Thenmozhi have been arrested for murder and attempted murder.