Man suspected of robbing taxi driver nabbed with help from another cabby

SINGAPORE - A suspected armed robber whose victim was a taxi driver has been arrested with help from another cabby, the police said in a statement today.

The alleged incident took place in Jalan Bukit Ho Swee at around 8.20pm on Sep 18.

The victim was in his stationary taxi when the suspect opened the front passenger door, brandished a sharp object and demanded cash. He fled after the cabby handed over his money.

The cabby immediately called the police, who interviewed the victim and reviewed CCTV footage around the area to try and establish the identity of the suspect.

The next day, the police received a call from another taxi driver. He said that he had picked up a passenger who was behaving suspiciously.

The passenger was later found to have fitted the image of the suspect on the CCTV footage the police were reviewing.

The suspect was subsequently arrested along Orchard Road at about 12pm.