Man in video shouting at library user not from SAF: Mindef

SINGAPORE - In the video which has been posted on social media and online forums, the man, who claims to be 40 years old is seen yelling vulgarities at another library user and challenging him to a fight. A staff member of the library is seen repeatedly asking the agitated man to lower his voice and leave the premises.

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The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) has clarified that the man is not a member of the SAF through a post on the Singapore Army's Facebook page:

"A number of people have messaged us regarding a video about a person claiming to be from 'Commando Special Forces counter terrorist plains clothes.'

"Thank you for your concern. We have identified the person in question; and wish to clarify that he is not a member of the SAF nor has he served in the Commandos. He currently has no NS liability."