Man who drove to police post with friend clinging onto car fined $2,000

SINGAPORE - A bizarre incident happened when Mr Haresh Govindaraju, 46, and two other friends went to see Mr Murali Krishnan Naidu, 44, to discuss some money he owed them last year.

While waiting outside Mr Naidu's King Albert Park condo, they spotted him driving in with his wife and teenage son, and ran towards his car. But Mr Naidu continued driving.

So Mr Harish leapt onto the car and held onto the sides of the windscreen to stop Mr Naidu.

Instead, he drove to a police post with Mr Harish still clinging onto the car when the latter refused to get off.

For this, Mr Naidu was fined $2,000 and banned from the road for nine months today. He pleaded guilty to committing the rash act on Oct 18 last year. The incident was filmed and the video was circulated on social media

He was reported to have driven his car with Mr Haresh slumped against the windscreen for five kilometres.