Man who masturbated on women's underwear caught wet-handed

SUBANG JAYA: A family was shocked to find out the reason why their undergarments were taking longer than usual to dry - a stranger had been masturbating and ejaculating on the women's underwear.

The discovery shocked the entire Kampung Kenangan Batu 13 neighbourhood, which leapt to the family's aid and detained the man after he was caught wet-handed at 4.30pm on Tuesday.

Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli said the complainant, whose identity is being kept private, heard a motorcycle stopping in front of his house that evening.

He peeped under his door and saw a pair of feet shuffling across the porch and over to the place where the family's clothes were drying outside.

"The victim went to inspect and saw a chubby man doing something behind the hanging clothes. He saw what he was doing," ACP Yahaya said.

The shocked man called for help and his neighbours came and surrounded the man, who got down on his knees and begged to be let off the hook.

But the 55-year-old lorry driver was handed over to the police.

He later admitted to police that he had trespassed into the house three times to masturbate on the female occupant's underwear.

"We took a blue and orange bra from the clothes hangers and found them to have semen stains," ACP Yahaya said.


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