Man who terrorised cabby with knife jailed

SINGAPORE - A freelance sales consultant who threatened a taxi driver and caused a dent on the bonnet of the taxi was jailed for three weeks yesterday.

Dickson Ng Ming Hao (below), 24, who pleaded guilty in August, bought a knife on the evening of May 27 this year after arguing with his then girlfriend, Ms Doris Ong Yen Ting, 24, in Simei.

On seeing the knife, she shouted at him and walked off to hail a cab.

After Ms Ong boarded Mr Goh Chong Yee's taxi, Ng stopped the 46-year-old from driving off by standing in front of the vehicle and pointing his middle finger at him.

Ng, who was carrying a plastic bag with some newspapers in his hand, showed the knife to Mr Goh, who felt alarmed and worried.

Ms Ong got down from the taxi to speak to Ng. They then got back into the cab and sat at the back of the vehicle.

As Mr Goh was about to move off, Ng asked the driver if he was scared as he (Ng) was holding a knife. He told Mr Goh not to shake his head or he would "chop people".

Ng also abused the victim with vulgarities.

While the taxi was moving, Ng opened the rear passenger door. Mr Goh told him not to make trouble. Incensed, Ng shouted that he was from a secret society and challenged the victim to a one-to-one fight.

When the taxi stopped along Tampines Street 31, Ng got down. He tried to open the front passenger door but Mr Goh had locked the doors.

Ng then used the knife, wrapped in newspaper, to hit the bonnet of the victim's taxi, causing a dent. The repair cost $535.

Yesterday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Nim, who sought an appropriate jail term to be imposed, said Ng had terrorised the taxi driver and caused damage to the innocent bystander's vehicle.

"He also exhibited wanton lack of concern for public safety in respect of the (Penal Code Section) 336(a) charge that was taken into consideration," he said, referring to the opening of the rear passenger door.

Four charges, including two for threatening Ms Ong while Ng was out on bail, were taken into consideration.

Ng was found to be suffering from antisocial personality disorder. The court heard that he did not have a functional psychotic illness nor was he of unsound mind at the time of the offences.

This article was first published on December 5, 2014.
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