Man's rubbish burning habit turns fatal

IPOH - For 10 years, retiree Wong Foo Sang lived in fear of his neighbour, who turned his home into a rubbish burning site.

He said that Mr Stephen Loo Pei Yee, 41, would burn rubbish within his Ipoh house compound, outside his property and sometimes even inside his house.

Mr Wong told the New Straits Times: "Each time I saw him do that, I would splash water on the fire."

He said they fell out because of that.

On Thursday, Mr Loo's actions led to his and his mother Lau Yoke Yee's death. Both burned to death in their double-storey house.

Recalling the 8.15am incident, Mr Wong said he heard the sound of glass shattering in Mr Loo's house. He rushed out and another neighbour shouted that there was a fire. By the time the firemen arrived, the whole house was ablaze.

Mr Loo's charred remains were found on the ground floor near the staircase. The remains of his 75-year-old mother were found in the master bedroom on the first floor.

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