Marsiling Lane double deaths: Jilted lover struck victim's head with dumbbell

The jilted lover of Vietnamese bartender Nguyen Thi Thu Trang killed her by striking her head with a dumbbell in May this year.

The man, Ang Poh Hwa, 59, stayed by the 31-year-old's body in his flat at Block 18 Marsiling Lane for two days before jumping to his death from a nearby block, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

Ang's body was discovered on May 18 at the foot of Block 16. After his death, police officers recovered the keys to his flat.

There, they found the victim's body wrapped in a blanket. Her face and head bore obvious sights of trauma and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation revealed that the victim had been dead for approximately two days when her body was discovered.

While examining both bodies, the coroner discovered that Ms Nguyen had several injuries.

The blow to her head with a dumbbell had broken her skull and torn her scalp, resulting in an 11cm-long gash from her forehead which extended to the top of her head. Her cheekbone also showed signs of cracking.

These injuries alone would have killed her, the coroner concluded.

He also deduced that the wounds on Ang's wrists were not sufficient to cause death and he had died from the subsequent fall.

Text messages found on both Ms Nguyen and Ang's phones contained phrases such as 'dear, 'miss you' and 'I love you', indicating that they were in a romantic relationship.

However, a photo recovered from Ang's phone showed Ms Nguyen's Facebook post announcing her intention to marry her Italian fiance.

Six days before the incident, Ms Nguyen had sent another message to Ang which read: "Don't do anything stupid. I will leave sooner or later."

"You have your own life and your family, so you must take care of yourself."


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