MediShield Life: Govt begins work to keep it affordable

SINGAPORE - The Health Ministry has begun working out the premium structure and benefits of the MediShield Life insurance scheme announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech.

It is also studying the number of people with pre-existing illnesses who will be covered by the new scheme.

When MediShield Life comes into effect, it will cover everyone for life, including those with preexisting illnesses.

This means premiums are likely to go up, but Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has reiterated that the Government is committed to keeping the scheme affordable.

He answered questions from about 80 people at a dialogue organised by the government feedback agency Reach on Sunday.

"(We are) going through our records, going through our hospitals, checking the numbers to have a better sense of what's the size of the impact of MediShield Life, but it will benefit all Singaporeans going forward, because all Singaporeans will be included," Channel NewsAsia quoted him as saying.

"What the Government has committed is to make sure that the premium for MediShield Life will be affordable for all Singaporeans, and for life." MediShield Life is expected to be introduced by 2015.

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