Men caught behaving inappropriately with woman, threaten witness with nail clipper

Two men were caught behaving inappropriately with a woman at Block 406 Admiralty Link around 8pm on Dec 21. When confronted, they threatened the witness with a nail clipper.

According to Stomp contributor Suganthi, the woman's dress had risen all the way above her navel and one of the men had his hand in her panties.

She said: "The woman was extremely drunk and the two men were tipsy.

"The woman's undergarments were exposed and the men were touching the woman everywhere."

She added that their inappropriate behaviour attracted lots of attention from passers-by but they continued with their actions despite small children being around.

Suganthi then went ahead to confront the two men but they started shouting at her.

The police was then called.

The police arrived on the scene and called in a female companion of the woman to bring her home.

They then talked to the two men and all of them left the scene within half an hour.

But, Stomp contributor Suganthi was still at the scene and was sitting at the void deck with her husband.

Moments later, one of the men came back, this time holding a nail clipper and tried to attack Suganthi.

The police was then called in again.

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