Men in zombie-like trance spotted in Kallang

Two men who appeared to be in a zombie-like trance were spotted near a bus stop along Kallang Avenue yesterday (Oct 9) at around 7pm.

They were standing next to each other, hunched over with their arms dangling by their sides.

One of them was swaying slightly from left to right.

The sight was disconcerting for those waiting at the nearby bus stop opposite Aperia Mall.

"Everyone was staring at them but nobody did anything," Stomp contributor Amanda said in a phone interview.

She added that they were probably too scared to get close and that she called the police and informed them about the men.

"Has anyone else come across such behaviour recently?" she asked.

Stomp understands that when the police arrived at the location, the men were gone.

It is unclear whether this was a prank or publicity stunt or if the men had taken any substances. January.

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