'Meowseum' of furry felines opens in Purvis Street

SINGAPORE - One could say that meowseum is the purrfect place to have cats.

After all humans just can't seem to get enough of the furry felines, both online and off.

On Friday evening, Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam launched the Lion City Kitty - The Cat Museum, a three-storey centre at 8 Purvis Street.

The non-profit centre, which charges $9 for admission, will be open to the public from Saturday. It has three galleries.

The first is called The Cat Museum, which features the history of cats from around the world and some touching stories of cat-human interaction, among others. In this segment, visitors can browse photographs, paintings and stuffed toys.

The second segment, The Muses, is a gallery dedicated to the cats of Singapore. Its main feature is an adoption space featuring nine cats from animal welfare group Cat Welfare Society (CWS), but this area will also have storyboards that tell the history of the cats of Singapore - the 'Lion City Kitties'.

Visitors will, for instance, learn how local Malayan cats came on ships with early immigrants from India and China, and how British cats arrived on our shores from Britain during Singapore's colonisation.

"With this space, our aim is to socialise the cats in an ideal home environment and get them ready to join a family," said museum founder Jessica Seet. "Potential adopters can see the cats in their most natural state and also learn from the CWS volunteers."

The third segment called The Mansion features the centre's nine resident cats, who have the entire floor to themselves - complete with toys, scratch posts, and grills to keep them indoors.

The centre aims to spread the message of adoption. It hopes to find homes for 50 cats by Singapore's Golden Jubilee on August 9.

She added: "There are many orphaned and rescued cats and animals waiting to be adopted. If each household in Singapore opens their home to them, imagine how many animals we can save."

This article was first published on January 9, 2015.
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