Millenium Falcon to make Legoland Malaysia its base until end of May

It's not in a galaxy far, far away but somewhere closer to home: Johor Bahru.

That's where the world's largest Millenium Falcon, the famous space freighter from Star Wars, made from Lego bricks will be stationed till the end of May.

Legoland Malaysia, in collaboration with the Lego Group, will have Asia's only master builder father-and-son team - Daniel and Christopher Steininger - build it using more than 200,000 bricks from April 30.

The spaceship will be finished on May 3. Visitors to the exhibition are welcome to place a brick on the massive creation during this period.

Thila Munusamy, director of sales and marketing for Legoland Malaysia Resorts said, "The father and son duo is meant to portray family bonding and, hopefully, encourage parents to bring their children for a fun time at the event".

She also told AsiaOne at a press conference today that since the event is based on the six episodes of the franchise, it would be a good opportunity for parents and their children to bond since it will allow the adults to share their Star Wars love with their kids.

Other than the Millenium Falcon, Legoland visitors will also get to help build two TIE Fighters, also from the movie franchise, on May 7 and 8.

During that weekend, Legoland will have a flurry of activities to celebrate all things Star Wars such as a real-life Imperial March led by an army of Stormtroopers and Darth Vader, alongside a variety of characters from the franchise.

There will also be a social media competition April 21 to May 8 where parents and children can get involved together. Parents can partner their children in the buidling of their dream Lego Star Wars starship. They will need to upload a photograph of their creation on to Legoland Malaysia Resorts' Facebook page with "#MasterYourForce" and "#LEGOStarWarsDays". 10 winners will be picked and special prizes will be awarded on May 14.

"We want fans to feel personally involve in the whole process, that is why we are organising various social media competitions with attractive prizes", said Nitika Nagpal, regional brand manager for Lego.

She added that there was no point in organising a large scale event like this if fans are just going to be spectators.