Mobile Air owner Jover Chew seen moving out of Sim Lim Square

SINGAPORE - The former owner of electronics store Mobile Air, which recently received a spate of bad press for its unethical business practices, was seen clearing out his shop at Sim Lim Square, local media reported.

According to The New Paper, he was spotted removing 10 boxes of goods from his store along with several movers, and loading them into a waiting lorry on Nov 30.

Chew, 32, went into hiding when reports of his store's unfair trade practices sparked public anger and gained attention from local authorities.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that he made his first reappearance at Sim Lim Square with three other men to move goods out of his shop on Nov 28.

According to citizen journalism website Stomp, a sales assistant at another mobile store, Lim, said that an upset Chew came out of the shop to ask reporters to stop taking pictures.

An argument broke out between both parties when the reporter refused to comply with Chew's request. Chew reportedly tried to snatch the reporter's camera and threatened to smash the other party's phone.

Chew also told a Wanbao reporter that he will be unable to set up shop again as angry netizens are out to get him.

In early November, netizens had used his particulars to order three pizzas to play a prank on him, and posted unflattering personal photos of him on the Internet.

Mobile Air and its owner were thrust into the media spotlight after a video clip of Vietnamese tourist Pham Van Thoai kneeling down to beg for a refund for an iPhone 6 went viral online. The tourist was duped into signing a warranty contract for the phone that cost him an additional $1,500.

After the video was circulated online, a crowd-funding effort initiated by Singaporean Mr Gabriel Kang raised over $14,000 for Mr Pham.

In a separate case involving Mobile Air, a Chinese student studying in Singapore had lodged a complaint against the shop, but ended up receiving her $1,010 refund in coins.

Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) president Lim Biow Chuan said he hoped the Government would amend the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, to give Case more muscle to tackle recalcitrant retailers like Mobile Air.