Model's death: Son of envoy a suspect

Model's death: Son of envoy a suspect

One of the suspects arrested for the murder of Singapore-based model Fehmina Uzair Chaudhry is the son of a diplomat who was based in Singapore until a few months ago, Pakistan police said.

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It was first reported on Oct 15 that the body of Ms Chaudhry was found by Pakistani police in the Bara Kahu area. The police there traced Muaz Waqar, who was suspected of killing her.

According to various Pakistan news reports, he had demanded a ransom for her release, but later led the police to the place where he dumped her body.

Ms Chaudhry was murdered after a business deal between the pair soured.

She was said to have been looking to open a fashion school in Pakistan and her killer had offered to sell her the land.

After paying him 3 million Pakistani rupees (S$35,000), paid for in the form of gold, Waqar seemed unable to carry out his part of the land deal, Ms Chaudhry asked for her payment back.

He then offered her a modelling deal with Pepsi worth 20 million Pakistani rupees.

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