MOH to contribute Ebola aid package to World Health Organisation

SINGAPORE - The package comprises medicines, medical supplies, and personal protective equipment.

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Here is the statement from the Ministry of Health:

In response to global efforts in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in West and Central Africa, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be contributing medical and humanitarian aid to the World Health Organisation (WHO). MOH is working with the WHO on the delivery and distribution of the Ebola aid package.

The aid package comprises medicines, medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) which, according to our consultations with the WHO, are in short supply for medical professionals on the ground in their response efforts.

MOH will continue to closely monitor the Ebola situation in West and Central Africa which remains fluid. In our globalised world, we can never completely rule out the possibility of an imported case. MOH has therefore made the necessary preparations to ensure that our public health is safeguarded. Our public hospitals have in place appropriate infection control measures.

Individuals, families, and communities also have a part to play by remaining vigilant and adopting the necessary health precautions. Members of the public are encouraged to refer to the MOH web page on Ebola for the latest Health Advisory.

They should consider postponing travel to countries with reported Ebola Virus Disease activity if it is non-essential.

Persons who need to travel there are advised to adopt the necessary precautions, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding direct contact with blood and secretions or other body fluids of infected living or dead persons or animals.