More packing their bags for next year's CNY break

If you're planning an overseas holiday during next year's Chinese New Year (CNY) break, you should make your booking soon.

The holiday falls on Feb 19 and 20, which is a Thursday and Friday.

Many travel enthusiasts booked their trips as early as September, Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

Alicia Seah, Dynasty Travel's director of communications, said that compared with last year's CNY period, overseas travel bookings for the upcoming CNY long weekend have increased by about 30 per cent.

"Many customers have taken a few days of leave and will be able to join a seven- to 10-day tour and enjoy a longer CNY holiday," said Ms Seah.

Jeremiah Wong, marketing communications manager for Chan Brothers Travel, said: "Currently, the bookings we've received so far have already matched 70 per cent of the bookings we received for this year's CNY.

"As we're still getting bookings, we expect Chinese New Year tour bookings for next year to exceed those for this year."

Those who have signed up for tours include families, non-Chinese customers who want to go for an overseas holiday, and couples combining their Valentine's Day and CNY celebrations.

Popular destinations include Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China, said Dynasty Travel and Chan Brothers.

For New Shan Travel, its customers' favourite spots are Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia, said Chris Tay, deputy general manager of the company's tour department.

Mr Wong added that cruise holidays during the CNY period have been a hit as well.

Travel agencies have gone all out to attract customers with tour packages tailored for the season.

Chan Brothers has a festive tour package for China's Shanxi province, and another for Taiwan. ASA Holidays has a CNY Taiwan package, while New Shan Travel has a South Korean ski tour.

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