More Singapore-Penang flights

Jetstar Asia will be adding nine return flights between Singapore and Penang to meet the increase in travel demands over Chinese New Year this year. These flights will operate in addition to its regular twice-daily return services between Singapore and Penang from Jan 28 to Feb 9.

Both countries will mark Chinese New Year with public holidays on Jan 31 and Feb 1.

The additional flight schedules are as follows.

From Jan 28 to Jan 30 there are two additional flights daily - Singapore-Penang, (8.35pm-10.10pm) and Penang-Singapore, (10.50pm-12.25am).

On Jan 31 and Feb 2, the additional flights are scheduled at 6.40am-8am for Singapore-Penang and 8.45am-10.10am for Penang-Singapore. Feb 3 and 4, the additional flights depart at 5.55pm-7.20pm (Singapore-Penang) and 8pm-9.25pm (Penang-Singapore).

Two additional flights are available on Feb 5 at 2.45pm-4.20pm for Singapore-Penang and 5pm-6.20pm for Penang-Singapore. On Feb 9, the two additional flights are 5.55pm-7.20pm for Singapore-Penang and 8pm-9.25pm for Penang-Singapore.

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