More tuning in to SPH Radio's UFM100.3, Kiss92

SINGAPORE - More people are tuning in to SPH Radio's Kiss92 and UFM100.3, according to the latest Nielsen Radio Diary Survey results released today (Dec 1).

The report estimates that Chinese station UFM100.3 had about 399,000 cumulative listeners in October - a growth of 17 per cent from September. During the same period, the number of cumulative listeners for English station Kiss92, which targets women and families, grew by six per cent to 567,000.

"The team has devoted a lot of effort to our music and promotions and is encouraged to see many new fans tuning in to us," UFM100.3's programming director and presenter Carine Ang said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, the listenership for SPH Radio's other English station ONE FM 91.3, which targets men, held steady at 267,000.

"It has been an absolute eye-opener to work with such a dedicated team - a team with so much passion for the music and their fans. I am still amazed by the number of fans who come up to us, telling us how this is the station they have been waiting for," ONE FM 91.3's senior presenter Glenn Ong said.