More will say 'no' to drugs

SINGAPORE - You look upon drugs as something negative and are confident of refusing them.

These insights were gleaned from a nationwide survey by the National Council Against Drug Abuse of 2,075 young people last year. More than half of the respondents were secondary school students.

IN compares what secondary school students said last year, with what they said in the inaugural survey in 2009.

You perceive drugs negatively.

When you think of the word "drugs", what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

An illegal substance
2009: 32.8 per cent
2013: 43.1 per cent

A substance that can be addictive
2009: 22.9 per cent
2013: 25.2 per cent

A substance that can change the functions of the mind and body
2009: 20.2 per cent
2013: 18.6 per cent

A substance that can treat an illness or medical condition
2009: 9.0 per cent
2013: 7.5 per cent

A greater proportion of you believe you can refuse drugs when you are offered.

I am confident I can say "no".
2009: 91.7 per cent
2013: 97.2 per cent

The proportion of you who believe you will not be swayed by friends has climbed.

I would be able to resist peer pressure.
2009: 82.5 per cent
2013: 95.9 per cent

More of your parents have spoken to you about drug issues.

Have your parents spoken to you about drugs/drug abuse?
2009: Yes - 40.1 per cent,
No - 59.9 per cent
2013: Yes - 44.3 per cent,
No - 55.7 per cent

Source: National Council Against Drug Abuse

This article was first published in the “In” supplement by The Straits Times.

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