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Most expensive HDB car park? Outram estate charges up to $6 per hour

Most expensive HDB car park? Outram estate charges up to $6 per hour
The car park at Everton Park is also used as a loading and unloading bay.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

The exorbitant parking fee at an Outram HDB estate, as high as $6 per hour, has left drivers wary about staying too long there.

Shin Min Daily News reported that parking at the HDB car park at Everton Park is free for the first 15 minutes.

But the next half-hour would cost drivers $2, and $4 for each subsequent half-hour, which works out to $6 every hour. 

The car park is also used as a loading and unloading bay.

The higher fees to park there is meant to encourage higher vehicle turnover so that more motorists can carry out loading and unloading activities, according to HDB.

As a comparison, short-term parking charges for cars within the central area at HDB car parks are at $1.20 per half hour. And $0.60 for those located outside the central area. 

A Shin Min reporter observed drivers parking their vehicles to buy food from the nearby coffee shop.

While some of them also went to a Singapore Pools outlet, most of the drivers left the car park within 10 minutes.

One driver, who was in a hurry, said that he did not notice that the parking fee at Everton Park is a lot higher than usual.

"During the first time I came here, I parked for more than an hour. Although I didn't know the parking fee was expensive, I believe this is a prime location, so it's understandable," he said.

Another driver added: "The parking fee is indeed expensive, but many people will not stay for a long time.

"After the free parking timing is up, the fees are calculated by the minute. This is acceptable."

At 60 cents per half-hour, parking at the nearby multi-story car park at 6A Everton Park is much cheaper, Shin Min reported.

Drivers can also pay a flat fee of $5 to park overnight there from 10.30pm to 7am.

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