Most feel 'safe' to use phone while driving: Survey

About 83 per cent of drivers here feel it is "safe" to use their mobile phones without a hands-free kit while driving and admitted to doing so in the last year, a survey has found.

however, 93 per cent think it is unsafe when they see other people using their mobile phones while driving, the poll commissioned by South Korean electronics firm Samsung showed.

Some commonly cited reasons for using mobile phones while driving included the pressure to respond quickly to work, friends or family, the feeling of confidence in their driving ability and proficiency at multitasking, and the feeling that motorists had to check on their mobile phones.

"Complacency seemed a key cause of the unsafe behaviour; when asked why respondents used their phones in this manner, the feeling that it was safe for them to do so was the response most cited," said Samsung in a statement on Tuesday.

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