From Mr Right to Mr Scam

She thought she had married the man of her dreams, but he turned out to be a cheat who misused her name in his scams.

Harian Metro reported that the man, in his 50s, used his wife's name and claimed she was a "Datuk" to convince people to buy into his fraud.

Executive Rubiah, 40, said she only found out that her husband had been "selling" her name when his victims rang her up and addressed her as "Datuk".

One of the victims, Zali, 38, told the tabloid that Rubiah's husband had promised him a contract to provide security service at a ministerial office building in Putrajaya.

He gave Rubiah's husband a RM600 (S$225) deposit and 10 security guard uniforms worth RM1,800 but the contract never materialised.

Rubiah said she met her husband following a brief online courtship in 2013.

"I believed him as he sounded pious when we chatted on Facebook. I was working in China then.

"We met for the first time when I returned home during a break and he proposed to me. I accepted and we were married in southern Thailand," she said.

After the marriage, she said, her husband followed her back to China, but their union turned sour after three months.

"I was unhappy as I ended up paying for all of his expenses although he claimed that he was a businessman," she said.

Her marital problems also affected her work performance, resulting in her being sent back to Malaysia last year.

Rubiah's nightmare did not end there as more people started contacting her complaining about being cheated by her husband.

She is now RM80,000 in debt trying to reimburse the victims.

Her husband has disappeared and only comes home occasionally, leaving Rubiah to deal with the repercussions of his actions.

She has lodged a police report in Putrajaya against her husband for misusing her name.