Mum claims kids 'kidnapped' by ex-hubby

A mother is claiming that her three children were "kidnapped" by her ex-husband with forged court orders and the help of thugs, Tamil dailies reported.

The 33-year-old woman said she divorced her husband in 2013 after suffering abuse for years.

She was given custody of the children while the father was allowed to see them for three hours every two weeks.

On Tuesday, the woman who works at a factory in Bidor, was handed a police report and court order by an unknown person.

She was shocked to find her children missing when she got home.

Her neighbours informed her that her ex-husband had allegedly turned up with a few thugs and dragged the children away.

The devastated mother said the court order could have been false as she had not received any notice from the authorities.

When she could not find her children or her ex-husband at his last known residence in Batu Caves, she lodged a report at the Bidor and Dang Wangi police stations.