Mum says bye to baby she is charged with killing

Tearful gathering: Choong and Ho (carrying daughter) as well as their son paying their last respects to Yan Hui at her funeral Tuesday.

IPOH - "Be a good girl and rest in peace," whispered a teary-eyed Choong Mee Chin as she leaned over her dead daughter lying in her coffin at the Jalan Masjid funeral parlour.

Choong, who was ordered by the court to undergo a month-long psychiatric evaluation at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, arrived at the funeral parlour at about noon to see her five-year-old daughter Ho Yan Hui's body for the last time before she was cremated.

Yan Hui, who was believed to be a victim of abuse, died at Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital on Sunday after being warded in the intensive care unit for 11 days.

Choong, who has been charged with murdering her daughter, had obtained permission from the court to attend her daughter's funeral.

Handcuffed and accompanied by a police and health officer, Choong sobbed profusely throughout the funeral before the coffin was transferred to the Kek Lok Seah crematorium in Bercham.

As Choong sat in one of the chairs at the funeral parlour, the health officer was seen patting her back and trying to console her as she awkwardly tried to wipe her tears away with her handcuffed hands.

Choong's husband Ho Kok Peng and their two other children, aged eight and two, had arrived separately at the funeral parlour to perform prayers and rituals.

The 39-year-old husband, who seemed calm yesterday, later brought their two other children to meet their mother.

Their son tried to reach out to Choong but was stopped from doing so by the accompanying officers.

"Look after your sister," Choong was heard telling her son.

The children were then taken away by welfare department officers.

A post-mortem revealed that Yan Hui's death was due to abscess in her brain and septicaemia.

She was brought to the hospital by her father on Aug 15 after losing consciousness and had no pulse but was resuscitated.

An attending physician notified the police after noticing bruises and lacerations on the girl and the parents were arrested shortly after.

Choong was charged with murder on Monday.