Mum whose son was killed says: 'I know their pain'

Mum whose son was killed says: 'I know their pain'

SINGAPORE - She knows first-hand what the Tan family must be going through.

"I've been there. It is easy for people to say 'forgive', but they have not been in this position. I know their pain."

Madam Zuhara Mohd Sharif's son, a gang member, was killed in a brutal attack at Orchard Plaza on July 23, 2010.

"People always say be strong, but how can you when your own flesh and blood is killed so suddenly and violently," she said.

Even though nearly three years have passed, Madam Zuhara, 58, told The New Paper on Sunday that she still cries almost every day as she misses her son.

Flesh & blood

Speaking in Malay, the housewife said: "I love Boboi (her pet name for Mr Mohamad Noraidi) very much. Which mother doesn't love her own flesh and blood?"

"When he was alive, he was the one who was always very busy during the fasting month to get ready for Hari Raya. He really enjoyed preparing for the occasion by buying new clothes and preparing the goodies. But he's gone and now, I am always very sad whenever Hari Raya approaches."

She is aware that her son was a gang member. But despite this, she stressed that he was a good son.

Her voice cracking with emotion, she added: "He was always very respectful towards his elders, and the memory of his death is still very fresh in my mind. I pray for him every night. He did not deserve to die such a violent death, not that way."

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