Murali eyes new eldercare centre, 'emergency button' service

PAP's Murali Pillai
The Straits Times

People's Action Party candidate Murali Pillai provided more details on his plans to take care of elderly residents in Bukit Batok, should he be elected as the constituency's MP.

These plans include an additional eldercare centre to provide therapy and daycare services, and an "emergency button" service targeted at old folk who live alone.

"At the moment, about one in nine Bukit Batok residents are aged 65 and above. Five years from now, obviously more seniors will be among us," he said yesterday.

The eldercare centre will complement existing services at St Luke's Hospital in Bukit Batok Street 11, which specialises in caring for elderly patients. 


"An additional eldercare centre will help provide more therapy services and daycare services, and we believe this will offer much needed respite to the caregivers - another category of people we need to look at," Mr Murali said after a morning walkabout to meet residents.

He is looking for suitable sites and wants to have the centre near a bus stop and with ample greenery.

He also hopes to set up a community response network with a proposed "emergency button" service. Elderly folk who live alone will wear the device and press its button when they need help.

Mr Murali noticed a number of elderly who live alone.

"This is not the most ideal, especially if you're sick," he said, as he showed the small square device with a button on it to reporters.

With the device, the elderly can alert neighbours, their relatives and community leaders when they need help. 


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