Murder victim has an affair with a cop

BANDUNG, Indonesia - Murder victim Fransisca "Sisca" Yovie had an intimate personal relation with a police officer, as proved by a personal letter found in her room.

Bandung City Police chief Sr. Comr. Sutarno confirmed rumours about the love affair in Bandung on Monday. However he also emphasised that police still could not relate her death to the police officer.

"The letter contained her hatred of [the police officer]," said Sutarno, as quoted by

Meanwhile, police have arrested four more people in relation to the murder of Sisca, the National Police headquarters revealed on Monday.

"The four suspects are D, E, K and D and are currently being questioned by the Bandung City Police," said National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Agus Rianto as reported by Antara news agency.

The police, he added, were investigating the roles of the four people, but suspected they bought the goods stolen from the victim by two other suspects, who were in police custody.

Ade surrendered to the police on Saturday and Wawan was arrested in Cililin, Cianjur regency, on Sunday.

Agus said that when arriving at the crime scene, the police found Sisca's handbag but it contained no valuables.

The police were still questioning the suspects to list what valuables had been taken, he added.

The four fences will be charged under the Criminal Code, Article 362 on theft, Article 480 on fencing and Article 55 on abetting a crime, Agus continued.

Meanwhile, Wawan and Ade will be charged under Article 364, clause 4 of the Criminal Code on violent theft leading to injury and/or death with possible punishment of 20 years behind bars, life imprisonment or the death penalty.

So far, the police have questioned 15 witnesses in the case.

Sutarno said the two main suspects admitted to taking the victim's handbag, which was located on the driver's seat of the victim's car.

He said the two main suspects revealed that the bag contained an iPhone, Rp 1 million (S$123) in cash and some cosmetics, reported on Monday.

Earlier on Sunday, the police claimed that no valuables were missing from the crime scene, dismissing the main suspects' confessions that they were common bag snatchers and had not intended to kill the victim.

Sutarno said the two were passing by when they saw Sisca near the car and her handbag on the driver's seat.

The two suspects said Sisca fought to stop them from taking her handbag before falling with her hair entangled in the gear box of their motorcycle.

Sisca, a branch manager of PT Venera Multi Finance, was killed on Aug 5. She was reportedly about to enter her boarding house on Jl. Setra Indah Utara, having opened one of the two padlocks on the house gate.

The murder shocked Bandung, as the two suspects dragged Sisca behind the motorcycle for about 500 meters from the front of her boardinghouse.

Wawan is believed to have held Sisca by the hair while Ade drove the motorcycle.

The suspects then stopped near a field on Jl. Cipedes Tengah and slashed her forehead with a machete.

A CCTV recording that captured the crime showed Sisca being dragged, her body motionless. In the recording, the perpetrators were wearing full face helmets, making it difficult to identify them.

Sisca died in a Sukajadi Police patrol car en route to Hasan Sadikin General Hospital.

An autopsy revealed that Sisca suffered bruises all over her body and an open wound on the forehead caused by a sharp weapon.