My point: Temporary moves to conserve water

We thank Mr Andy Tan Han Cheng for his suggestion ("Less washing, so fees should be cut"; last Thursday).

Measures taken by our town councils are temporary arrangements to conserve water during the dry spell. High-pressure washing will resume in all areas when the dry season ends.

Meanwhile, during this dry period, we will still be carrying out washing of common areas in the estate such as void decks, market/food centres, bin centres and so on, as scheduled.

In the case of Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council, blocks will still be washed on a monthly basis.

We are just doing our part to make more efficient use of water during this dry period.

Any savings enjoyed will be ploughed back for the upkeep of the estate.

Dorothy Cheung (Ms)

Public Relations Manager

Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council


Goh Ying Ying (Ms)

Public Relations Manager

Tampines Town Council