Nabbed - man who sharpens knives for gangsters

KLUANG: Police have arrested a man who apparently provided knife-sharpening services to triad members.

District police chief Asst Comm Abd Majid Mohd Ali said the suspect, in his 30s, was detained in a house in Taman Melodi.

He said two parang and six knives, as well as a knife-sharpening tool, were confiscated from the man.

"The suspect, who tested positive for drugs, was identified following the arrest of several triad members," ACP Abd Majid said.

The case is being investigated under Section 7(1) of the Corrosive, Explosive and Dangerous Weapons Act 1958.

ACP Abd Majid also said since Ops Cantas began on Aug 20, the district police had conducted checks on 1,026 individuals, 299 motorbikes, 209 cars and 44 other vehicles.

So far, 98 people have been charged for various offences, including for drugs.

"Police also seized four parang and six knives, six motorbikes and two cars from the suspects," he said.

ACP Abd Majid added that the police would continue with the operations and hoped the public would provide information on gangsterism activities.