The naked truth: Nude photos do get leaked

I hate showing any amount of flesh.

It is for the best. This attitude probably has to do with any holiday shot of me on the beach looking like something that crawled out of the sea with a sack of yoghurt strapped to its torso.

Too many people are willing to capture themselves letting it all hang out. That is unless they have the bodies for it.

You can see them on the Instagram popular page. It's predominantly beach bodies and pets.

But they're still clothed.

I don't know why many people would want to go "The Full Monty". Okay, I can understand some women, but guys rarely look good naked. Semi-clothed, sure. But naked - no.

The rise of the nude selfie could be laid at the feet of what is seen as an increasingly sexualised world, where enjoying your youth is equated with getting wasted, getting naked and who knows, maybe getting famous.

It can almost be seen as a rite of passage.

But it can be argued that people have been like this for years. It's just technology that allows such things as naked selfies to happen.

Back in the days of film cameras, you had to be careful what you shot, or you'd get some odd looks when you collected the film from the developers.

Now you can shoot to your heart's content. But many want to broadcast their selfies.

Maybe there's some form of exhilaration that comes from doing it. That thrill of being naughty.

The problem with the live-for-the-moment attitude is that it can go very wrong.

Sure, you may share some naked pictures with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

But what happens, as many have found, when the relationship goes sour and your former other half uses the pictures as revenge?

That bit of fun can become a poisonous barb and cause no small amount of misery. Whoever distributes these pictures should get more than a slap on the wrist.

But what if they are leaked in other ways? We often see stories of people who lose their phones, or more recently, have their messaging accounts hacked.

If it can happen to celebrities, it can happen to you.

Those with a collection of nude selfies can couch it in glamorous terms, saying it captures them being young and beautiful.

But that may not go down so well when a prospective employer finds you spread-eagled online.

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