National Day deja vu

While two-year-old Elgin Lim was watching the National Day Parade on his birthday last Saturday with his aunt, uncle and grandmother, his sister was born.

What makes the event unusual is that not only were brother and sister born on the same day, they were both born on Aug 9, National Day.

Mrs Angeline Lim and Mr Eric Lim's second child, Amberlyn, was delivered at Mount Elizabeth Hospital at 5.13pm.

Mrs Lim, 33, said: "We got four tickets to the parade this year. It was supposed to be my husband taking him (Elgin) there.

"I thought it would be very meaningful, with him being born on National Day, that the whole nation could celebrate with him. But we didn't realise Amberlyn would be born on the same day."

She and Mr Lim, 35, have been married for six years and did not aim for either of their children to be born in August, or on National Day.

She said: "We were trying for three months before Elgin was conceived. For Amberlyn, it was six months."

Amberlyn was delivered a week before her expected due date, while Elgin was delivered two weeks before his.

Mrs Lim, an associate director of clinical operations, said: "When I knew the expected due date was in August again, we were joking it would be good if they had the same birthday.

"We didn't count on it happening. It was a very pleasant surprise."

Elgin was born naturally two years ago, after Mrs Lim suddenly started having labour pains during her maternity photoshoot.


For Amberlyn, Mrs Lim's gynaecologist had her labour induced on the afternoon of Aug 8 for medical reasons. But it was over a day before the baby was delivered.

Dr Wee Horng Yen, who delivered both of Mrs Lim's children, said: "I'm very happy. I've delivered on National Day quite often in the past, and patients are happy their children have the same birthday as the country.

"But this would be my only case where children from the same mother have the same birthday."

At the couple's three-room flat at The Pinnacle@Duxton on Monday, unopened baby hampers rested on the dining table.

Elgin ran around holding a Singapore flag as his parents and grandmothers looked on.

Amberlyn was quiet, cradled in her mother's arms.

Mr Lim, a senior lecturer at a private institution, said: "I can't believe it. To be able to celebrate with Singapore is an honour.

Singapore is a safe place, that's what I like about our country. I just want them to grow up proud of Singapore and happy to stay here."

Mrs Lim added: "I want them to grow up to love each other and to contribute to society."

This article was first published on August 13, 2014.
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